dnssec-keygen question

Cricket Liu cricket at menandmice.com
Mon Oct 8 14:43:48 UTC 2001

> I tried using the example in the 4th edition of DNS and BIND for setting
> the rndc.conf file.  My question is when I run dnssec-keygen, which key is
> used, and how are they used in the conf files.

dnssec-keygen generates keys, as the name suggests.
The keys aren't used until you add key statements to
named.conf and rndc.conf to tell named and rndc
about them.

> First off, I was not aware that the dnssec-keygen
> command needed to be ran on the console.

It doesn't.  You run it from the command line.

> Second, if I use ssh2 to establish a remote session, do I
> need to generate the key for which machine I am
> coming from?  I can't seem to get rndc to work from a
> remote session using ssh2.

No, you need to generate a key to be used between rndc
and named.


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