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Will Yardley william+dns at
Mon Oct 8 17:36:38 UTC 2001

Sasso, John   IT wrote:
> Since upgrading to BIND 9.1.3 from 8.1.2, we noticed that named failed
> to load the db.* zone files because neither an explicit $TTL was
> defined in them nor was a TTL defined for the host records.  Thus, the
> nameserver could not resolve queries.  Once we put a $TTL statement at
> the top of each db.* file and did a reload, the nameserver started to
> response OK.

IIRC the newest 9.2 release candidates now complain, but insert a
default TTL if none is specified in the zone file,   which is what some
of the later bind 8s do as well.

(from the changelog)

 834.   [func]          Accept (but warn about) master files beginning
with an SOA record without an explicit TTL field and lacking a $TTL
directive, by using the SOA MINTTL as a default TTL.  This is for
backwards compatibility with old versions of BIND 8, which accepted such
files without warning although they are illegal according to RFC1035.


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