Moving Primary DNS from HP to SUN

Rahul Parasnis rparasnis at
Tue Oct 9 08:32:01 UTC 2001

Hello Gurus,

I would like receive  your advice / suggestions on following .

Currect setup :-)
We have Internal dns Server ( who forwards only internet queries to
Forwarder  running Bind 8.2.2 p5)  running bind 4.9.7 on HP 10.20.

There are 3 secondary server also running same bind version on HP 10.20 .

In order to move the Primary DNS from hp 10.20 Bind 4.9.7 to Solaris 8 Bind
8.2.2P5 now I am setting up new DNS Server on Ultra 5 (with 3 Network Cards
in it) running  Solaris 8 which comes with Bind 8.2.2P5 . So as to give easy
access to clients in each of three subnets .

Question 1
What will be the right path of direction towards this migration ?

Question 2
Is it ok to run Primary on Bind 8.2.2p5 on Solaris 8 and secondaries on
4.9.7 on HP 10.20  ( I know it's possible and ofcourse I am not using any
extra funcionalities like select forwarding )  ?

To setup the Bind on Solaris 8 , ofcourse I am going to keep the same IP
address of old Primary to the New one on Solaris 8 .
Very silly third question .. Can I have two Primaries running at the same
time having different IP addreses  ?

Because I can setup another primary using IP Address of  different subnet to
one of the three ethernet cards leaving one ethernet card unconfigured ,
which will take the real Primary DNS IP later on .

Thanks and Regards
- Rahul

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