Strange Things with MX records.

Simon Waters Simon at
Wed Oct 10 00:46:56 UTC 2001

"England, Robert" wrote:
> ; <<>> DiG 8.2 <<>> mx

You certainly pick the zones to have trouble with. has 8 A records, which defeats "DIG", which
appears to assume that each server has a unique name. Although I
guess it could have 8 interfaces, on various networks.....

I haven't seen anything "wrong" yet with, but it is hard
work, and I doubt they got them all perfect *8-)

BIND 9 blacklists lame servers by IP address, I guess for the
slightly more common multihomed server.

All your BIND versions are very stale - maintenance?

If your second level servers forward to the central servers (I
would call them "centralised caches" or something, they don't
sound like "root servers"), then they should not need to specify
the servers in the db.cache files as if the were root servers,
and should "forward only".

If you forward to a server, then why do you need to fall back to
using it as the root, if it doesn't answer your forwarded
requests it is unlikely to answer any others.

If these servers are not doing "forward only" this could cause
some weird errors I suspect, but it is too late to figure out
exactly what. Probably something like what your seeing!

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