strange behaviour with authority nameservers

darcy w. christ darcy at
Wed Oct 10 17:10:28 UTC 2001


  i've been experiencing some problems with one of the subdomains i
manage.  The domain is and it's nameservers are, in order:

The problem is with the subdomain  It should be
pointing to, and not to  This second
address was the old ip, and it was changed several months ago.  If you
query any of the nameservers, you will see the correct ip, however i am
finding more and more nameservers that show the old address.  In fact, i
have also noticed that some nameservers were at one point correct, but
now show the wrong address.  i've worked with and reset my
serial number (set it to 0 and then set it to the date plus a number
(2001101001)).  If i update the serial number, i see it reflected in the
query to any of the nameservers who show the wrong address.  My problem,
obviously, is that i don't know how it is that these various nameservers
get the wrong ip.  i'm hoping someone could enlighten me.

One thing i have noticed is that the nameservers who return the
incorrect ip, show the authority nameserver in the reverse order and
only show two nameservers, like this:


What is strange to me is that capitalization.  At one point, many months
ago, this was the way our record with network solutions was setup.  In
was changed to show three nameservers, all in lowercase.  Now, when i do
a whois lookup from i see the correct
record.  When i do a whois lookup from, i see the
strange order and case.  i really don't know if this is says something
about the problem or not, but i wanted to mention it.  It's the best
lead i have.

Anyway, i appreciate the help.  As far as i can tell, most of the world
is not able to get to my site.  i really need to fix
this.  Thanks.

~darcy w. christ
Elegant Communications Inc.
416.362.9772 x222 | 416.362.8324 fax

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