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Thu Oct 11 15:32:12 UTC 2001

On Thu, Oct 11, 2001 at 04:17:43PM +0100, Charles Norton wrote:
> No rudeness taken :-)
> What is man dig?
> Maybe I should be clearer in saying that I am using dig V8.3 on Windows
> 2000. There is a help facility - dig help, but I am after more if is is
> available.
> Sorry to sound unclear, this area is not my strength.
> Thanks
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Ah, MS Windows.

Under Unix and Unix-like systems, you can request a manual entry with
the 'man' command.  So, to get the manual entry for 'dig', one would
enter 'man dig'.  All at a command-line interface, of course.  There
are also one or two various GUI interfaces to the same facility.

There SHOULD be a 'dig' manual entry in your source code set, but I
wouldn't have a clue how to ask for it under MS Windows.  I will send
you a formatted copy separately [after stripping out bolding and
underlining that is done with (backspace-overprint)s].

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