tsig zone transfer problem with 8.2.3 and 8.2.5

Martin Lohner mlohner at akamai.com
Thu Oct 11 18:41:47 UTC 2001

I've set up tsig for zone transfers between two machines using bind 
8.2.3 (and also tried 8.2.5 with same result).

I use "dig" to do the transfers. It works fine, if I specify the tsig 
key properly:

dig @ martinstest. axfr -k /var/named/tsig:martinstest.

The disturbing thing happens, when I don't use the key (with dig): the 
transfer still works. This shouldn't happen.

I did some further tests to double-check:

1) If I make the key between server and client disagree, no transfer.
2) If I try from another client ip, no transfer.

This sounds like a bug: a zone transfer happens without specifying a key 
by the client, even though the server is setup only for key access.

I just now tried 8.2.5: same problem.

My setup (on the server) is given below.

Thanks much. --martin

options {
         // other options
         allow-transfer { none; };

key martinstest. {
    algorithm hmac-md5;
    secret "+eqNFRkfkx/Sth0E0hSRtA==";

server {
    transfer-format many-answers;
    keys { martinstest.; };

zone "martinstest." {
    file "/tmp/martinstest.zone";
    type master;
    allow-transfer {; };
    notify no;

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