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Vikas Bali vbali at quark.stpm.soft.net
Fri Oct 12 12:42:56 UTC 2001

Hi All

	Can u plz give me the solution of the problem given below.

	I want to basically know 
				- the way of implementing the fault
tolerance in DNS server. 
				- is the fault tolerance concept is inbuild
in DNS.

	      Fault tolerance is realized in the following way:

	To achieve location transparency, the client connects to a DNS
server that redirects it to the appropriate OpenLDAP server location taken
from a table of IP addresses. 

	By default, the connection is directed to the primary server. If the
primary server is not available, the DNS server will pick up the next
available address from the table.  

   Urs suggesion would be welcomed....


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