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Will Yardley william+dns at
Fri Oct 12 18:42:40 UTC 2001

Jeff Donovan wrote:
> All i want to do is set up a web server for on my
> web server.

you can't do that!!!! it's mine.

> My current web server already hosts with the ip
> forward and reverse are already being done for that IP, how do I get
> lookups for to pint to that particular site without
> being resolved for

well you can set both to have the same foward lookup (ie add an A record
for both domains to the same IP.  in fact you probably want to add at
least 4 A records - for and - all pointing to
the same IP.

you can have as many A records as you want pointing to the same IP.

the reverse lookup should really just resolve to one name.  if that's a
problem, get another IP address and configure it on the webserver and
use that for the new domain instead.

> this make any sense?  The IP is already listed. Do I list it twice?
> once in the zone file for and the other for
> with the same ip. Or do i dual IP the machine with
> another IP from my subnet, lets say

you can do either. it might be cleaner to use a different IP but it
doesn't really matter provided your webserver can differentiate.  note
that some REALLY old browsers won't work with name based virtual hosting
which is what you'd probably have to do in Apache (assuming that's what
your webserver is running) to get both names to show up if they're on
the same IP.  this isn't a DNS question tho - it's an apache question.

personally, if i had more IP addresses available i'd leave each site on
a static IP but either way should work.



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