Bind crashes intermittently

Will Yardley william+dns at
Sun Oct 14 08:27:22 UTC 2001

Lisa Casey wrote:

> I'm running BIND 8.2.2P5 (I know I need to upgrade) on a FreeBSD
> machine. 
> Kernel: pid 107 (named), uid 53: exited on signal 6
> Any ideas?

don't have any ideas on this part (other than perhaps your machine was
already exploited, or just a bug with named). someone else might have
some other ideas.

> Also - I'm well aware I ought to upgrade this. Which version should
> I go to considering I want a relatively stable release version?
> Any help on upgrading (a link to a step-by-step would be great!)
> is appreciated since I'm fairly new at running DNS and this is our
> production machine that our dial-up ISP customers get their DNS
> from.

i have been running 9.2.0rcwhatever on our production nameservers
serving 20k zones for a few months. this seems to be pretty stable.

these are on linux machines, but i've been using these versions on my
personal machines (freebsd) as well with no problems. i haven't had
any errors (knock wood) with compiling from source either.

if you don't want to use bind9, i'd install one of the other two
production releases - both should work; 8.2.5 should work fine for
your purposes.

if you install it from source, make sure to rename the old binaries
assuming you're installing into the default locations (/usr/local/bin
/ /usr/local/sbin).

if you cvsup, make sure to put:
NO_BIND=       true

in /etc/make.conf so that you don't re-install bind when you upgrade

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