TSIG and zone xfers to BIND 4.9.4 from 9.1.3 nameserver

Sasso, John IT JSasso at mvphealthcare.com
Mon Oct 15 17:14:54 UTC 2001

We have an old BIND 4.9.4 nameserver running under WindowsNT, and would like
it to perform zone transfers from our primary UNIX nameserver which is
running BIND 9.1.3.  Currently, that UNIX nameserver interacts with another
UNIX secondary nameserver (also running BIND 9.1.3) via TSIG for secure zone
transfers and control channel access (via rndc).  Many machines still
reference the old BIND 4.9.4. nameserver, so until we get everyone looking
at the UNIX nameservers, we need to have the old nameserver do zone
transfers from the UNIX primary.  

I know how to make a BIND 4.9.4 server a secondary, but how would I get it
to do zone transfers from the UNIX primary w/o using TSIG and still have the
UNIX-based primary and secondary use TSIG amongst themselves?


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