load balance of DNS server

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 16 16:14:03 UTC 2001

Vincent DUQUESNE wrote:
> So my question is : is it possible to change the source port of forward
> request... ?

Yes (query-source), but if you are using a recent version of
BIND, incoming queries will be directed to port 53, whilst
replies from other servers will come back to ports from the
anonymous port range.

The CISCO documentation discusses what your trying to do
(AFAICT) for one CSS, but as always it is about as clear as mud.


I'm curious as to how the economics of CISCO front end hardware
with multiple DNS servers behind, compares to scaling up a
couple of DNS servers to handle the load, or just relying on the
DNS protocol to spread the load (with round robin etc).

I guess the Cisco will give better response when a server dies,
as otherwise the remote clients would have to find out
individually that a server is dead (And some no doubt lack the
brains to remember such).

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