Reverse DNS Delegation

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Well, if you own the /16, you can and should do the delegation on your
servers. If you own only a subset of the /16 (say, a /18), then you
cannot and need to arrange it with your registry - ARIN, apparently.

Reverse zone delegation is no different from forward zone delegation.

Michael Kjörling

On Oct 16 2001 09:28 -0500, wrote:

> I would like to find out the best practice for delegating reverse DNS
> authority for a /24 netblock.  We are an ISP, new to DNS administration in
> house.  We have implemented, and have working effectively reverse delegation
> for netblocks smaller (ie: /29 /28 /27) but we are unable to figure out the
> reverse delegation for a full /24.  Is is best to let ARIN do the
> delegation?  Or is there a way to do it on our servers?

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