Incorrect IP for Nameserver

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Tue Oct 16 21:55:58 UTC 2001

When I do a WHOIS on (via, I get
the new addresses.

Where are you seeing the old addresses?

- Kevin

jgreen at wrote:

> We changed the IP addresses of our nameservers ( &
> six months ago, and updated the host record with
> Network Solutions. A whois query with Network Solutions and
> returns the correct IP addresses: and
> However when we went to modify the DNS records for a
> domain name ( registered with to our
> nameservers, whois on returned the old IP addresses
> ( & for our nameservers. Everywhere I
> run a query for our nameservers, I get back the new IP address, with
> the exception of the whois on does not
> believe that the problem is on their end, but cannot point us in the
> right direction. Name resolution for is sporadic at
> this point (depending on which nameserver you hit). Where is the old
> IP address coming from, is this the reason the
> resolves sporadically, and if so, how do I correct the problem?

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