Can "zone" forwarding be done in Bind 4.x?

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Oct 16 22:00:33 UTC 2001

> I'm in a Solaris 2.x environment and we now have a need to do
> "zone" forwarding
> and not just "global" forwarding.  We are under the impression that "zone"
> forwarding is only supported in Bind 8.x.  Is this a fact?

No.  BIND 9 has had it since 9.1.0, though it looks from the CHANGES
file like 9.2.0 has an important big fix.

> Also, is it possible to use an option referred to as "address
> match list" to
> accomplish the same goal with Bind 4.9.x?

No.  BIND 4.9 doesn't support address match lists at all, and they
don't do the same thing as selective forwarding, anyway.


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