Hints file usage question

Nicholas Ritter ritter at lfc.edu
Wed Oct 17 03:59:00 UTC 2001

Greetings everyone,

I have a rather simple question regarding the DNS root hints file, and BIND 
v8. I tried updating my hints file a while back and encountered two 
problems, the files was missing the .coms, and the file would load into the 

I am now not able to see some domains through my DNS, and I am assuming it 
is because my hints file is to old (we are talking years now.) I tried to 
download the hints file from ftp.rs.internic.net, but it that server must 
be screwy because I can't issue in 'ls' command. So I ask, what is the 
easiest and most complete way to get a hints file (aka. db.cache file) 
these days? (Seeing as how the last time I did it was over 4 years ago.)

NetAdmin, LFC

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