logging question

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Wed Oct 17 05:53:37 UTC 2001

At 02:36 PM 10/16/01, Christopher L. Barnard wrote:

>This is driving me crazy.  There has *got* to be a way to get my master server
>to log xfer-out.  The only suggestion I got from my initial query yesterday
>was to upgrade to an rc version.  I like to be cutting edge, but not _that_
>cutting edge. ;^)  This worked originally with 9.1.3, so I think it should
>The master server runs a script that does an "rndc reload" every hour. 

Why?  You only need to do a reload if something changed.

>  The
>slave servers record in their logfiles that an "xfer-in" came from this box
>when that script runs.  But I cannot get this master server to record that it
>did an "xfer-out".

A xfer-out will only happen if something has changed.  Reload doesn't change
the SOA serial number, only updates do that.  The slave checks the SOA
record first to see if it needs to do a zone transfer and only does it if the master's
serial number is larger than the slave's.


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