h2n tool

Rahul Parasnis rparasnis at clj.co.jp
Thu Oct 18 09:31:24 UTC 2001

Hello ,

I am first time trying this tool with Bind 8.2.2p5 on Solaris 8 .

I can this first time without any proablems.
Manual says " Each time h2n is run, it generates the DNS files from scratch.
Any changes you manually made to the DNS files are lost. "

WHen I restart the bind Server woth -HUP signal , I got
" No default TTL set using SOA minimum instead" messages

simply because $TTL 1D is not there in each db.* file .

Now I added that mnually then it was fine .

Now when I run the h2n again
h2n -f /applis/list/bind/config/options.dns
Improper format SOA in db.clj.
I give up ... sorry.

Am I am doing something wrong ?
that means I have to delete this first line then run h2n and again insert
this line  .

Secondly I can not use multiple -d options .

can anybody tell me what is the right way to use tool ?

Or if anybody has different tool then please let me know ?
Thanks a lot
- Rahul

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