Greetings list, Bind 8 issue:

Drew J. Weaver drew.weaver at
Thu Oct 18 16:29:42 UTC 2001

I'm the admin, im it. I've made no changes to sendmail since 9/01 and all I
did then was switch the dnsbl listing in the .mc file and rebuild it using

Exchange is just our internal stuff, and our 'business stuff' everything
else is sendmail.


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"Drew J. Weaver" wrote:
> Well, we can see at ARIN that 206.222.10 >
>    DNS2.EE.NET        
>    DNS3.EE.NET        
> And that is us, and my question really was why now after 2 years of doing
> this way it all of the sudden needs A records for our modem pools? Im not
> trying to be argumentative im trying to understand what happened to make
> rules that it runs by suddenly change. Since again, nothing has changed.

"nothing has changed."  FLW (Famous Last Words) There have been some
updates to sendmail in the last few months.  Have your mail-admins made
changes?  Are they running sendmail or, as it seems, Exchange?


> Thanks for the input.
> -Drew

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