h2n tool

Andris Kalnozols andris at hpl.hp.com
Thu Oct 18 17:48:41 UTC 2001

You are running a pretty old version of h2n and a version
of BIND that has known security defects.  An updated 
version of h2n is available at


If you choose to upgrade to the latest release of BIND 8,
download the following files:


The updated version of h2n can also be found in the last tar
archive in 'contrib/nutshell'.

h2n supports just one '-d' option per run.  Feel free to
e-mail me privately if you are still having difficulties.

Andris Kalnozols
Hewlett-Packard Laboratories
andris at hpl.hp.com

> As I am first time trying this tool with Bind 8.2.2p5 on Solaris 8 .
> I can this first time without any proablems.
> Manual says " Each time h2n is run, it generates the DNS files from scratch.
> Any changes you manually made to the DNS files are lost. "
> WHen I restart the bind Server woth -HUP signal , I got
> " No default TTL set using SOA minimum instead" messages
> simply because $TTL 1D is not there in each db.* file .
> Now I added that mnually then it was fine .
> Now when I run the h2n again
> h2n -f /applis/list/bind/config/options.dns
> Improper format SOA in db.clj.
> I give up ... sorry.
> Am I am doing something wrong ?
> that means I have to delete this first line then run h2n and again insert
> this line  .
> Secondly I can not use multiple -d options .
> can anybody tell me what is the right way to use tool ?
> Or if anybody has different tool then please let me know ?
> Thanks a lot
> - Rahul

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