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First of all, I would add "thankfully" about the error message. BIND 9
is a lot more picky about the fact that zone files should follow the
standards - something that should have been enforced in the first
place, but for various reasons was not.

When you delegate, you need to set up a zone on the delegated-to
(RDATA part) server for the name in question. Since a host label can
be up to 63 characters long (IIRC), this means at least 36^63
combinations. That's a HUGE number. No one wants to set up that number
of zones. (My calculator gives me 1.11444*10^98 - that's roughly equal
to a single 1 followed by 98 zeroes. No, I'm not going to type them
all out.)

What are you trying to accomplish, anyway?

Michael Kjörling

On Oct 17 2001 17:13 +0200, Ame wrote:

> Hi,
> I have a wildcard in the NS record of a domain.tld on ns1.server.tld :
> @    NS    ns1.server.tld.
> @    NS    ns2.server.tld.
> *    NS    ns1.server.tld.
> for delegate every subdomain of domain.tld on the same server.
> With BIND 8.2.3 it works without problem but with BIND 9.1.3 in
> named.messages I see:
> invalid NS owner name (wildcard)
> and it doesn't work.
> Someone can help me?
> Ame

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