Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Sat Oct 20 10:57:45 UTC 2001

"Drew J. Weaver" wrote:
>      Im sorry to be redundant here, but I still havent quite figured out why
> this domain isn't working from some places on the net.
> From a server in california:
> bash$ host www.elitefab.com
> Host not found, try again.

It looks okay from here.

> Note: you'll see that dns4.ee.net isnt responding this is how all of our
> domains function, dns4 is our master it pushes the domains to dns1,2,3 but
> doesnt actually resolve them that is why we have people list dns2,3 as
> authority on the domain (info in whois).

So why list dns4 in the NS records? It'll just make the first
lookup slower if it chooses dns4, we don't need to see your
"scaffolding", it just makes the "building" look ugly.
> Anyone see any problems i may have overlooked, again sorry to repeat message
> it is just really odd.

The offsite DNS (dns1.ee.net) is only listed in the zone, not in
the delegation, so if there is a problem reaching the ee.net DNS
servers dns2 and dns3 resolution will break. I'd fix that, but
it isn't your problem, but it may be related.

Can the server that has a problem ping dns2.ee.net and
dns3.ee.net (by IP address) if needed? If not it could be a
routing problem.

Give us some info on the server that isn't playing, at least an
IP address, although nsswitch.conf and resolv.conf (or OS
equivalent...). Use "dig" for troubleshooting please - it would
have made the last question unnecessary.

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