Inverse DNS with Multiple DNS servers

Mark A. Bialik mbialik at
Mon Oct 22 05:46:52 UTC 2001


I'm a newbie to DNS administration and can't seem to find an answer to
what I think is a basic question; we are using Bind 9.

A company has two domains that they are authoritative for.  There are
two DNS servers, each authoritative for one domain.  There is an an
entire Class C domain being routed to this company from its upstream

The upstream ISP has granted(?) resolution for this Class C
to an IP of one of the nameservers, say .3

The other name server is .5

My question:

Does .3 have to provide reverse mapping for .5?  In other words, if is served by .3 and is served by .5, does .3
have to list the hosts in reverse for its own domain as well as those in

When I nslookup, I get responses back fine.  But if I
nslookup this same host by IP it fails... since I assume I haven't
created the appropriate reverse listing on .3

Am I missing something real basic here?  How do I tell the world that .5
also provides reverse-mapping for

Thanks very much for any assistance.


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