Caching only name server

Simon Waters Simon at
Tue Oct 23 02:57:36 UTC 2001

Craig Bumpstead wrote:
> Thanks, what you suggested resolved the errors in the /var/adm/message
> file. One more question though, should the reolv.conf be pointing to
> itself??? or should it be pointing to the primary name server for the
> domain??
> ie.
> nameserver
> domain

First resolv.conf should ideally have more than one nameserver.
As it is necessary to stop and start BIND occaisonally (well
upgrades at least), and you might need DNS when it is stopped
(or even crashed) on the DNS server itself.

The nameservers listed must be caching (recursive resolvers).

The nameservers listed must have the same view of the DNS. So
you can't list one that has internal names, and your ISP's
nameserver, as the ISP nameserver won't know about your internal
names (we hope).

So if those conditions are met, I'd list both itself
(, and the primary.

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