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Tim Maestas tmaestas at dnsconsultants.com
Tue Oct 23 03:20:43 UTC 2001

	If the names of the clients do not necessarily have
	to be correct, simply host the 1.168.192.in-addr.arpa
	zone on your dns server, and populate it with the
	proper PTR records.  If you want the DHCP server
	to dynamically update the DNS server with these records
	then you will have to so configure the DHCP server.  The
	ISC DHCP server can accomplish this, but you didn't mention
	which DHCP server you are using.


On Tue, 23 Oct 2001, Billy wrote:

> Aloha from Hawaii,
>     I have a few DNS questions maybe someone can provide an answer for or
> direct to a site that has good documentation.  Here is the setup:
> This is only a test to see if we can get it achieved or not and running the
> way it is supposed to.  There is a office with 10 computers.  All have win98
> machines and a NT server.  That has nothing to do with what is being done,
> but thought I would get that out of the way.
> I have a system with Redhat 7.1 that has apache and dhcp and dns server.
> What the boss wants is to host everything on that Server: www, dhcp, mail
> and dns server. All works fine.  we get mail at user at icshi.dynip.com, web
> pages come up great, resolving internet names resolves fine. They have a
> linksys cable/dsl router with a static IP and all clients (2) for testing
> and one linux server.  So basically the router has the static ip from the
> ISP and the lan interface of the router has a private static ip of
> Linux server being and clients 1: and
> client 2:  They have a domain name which is icshi.dynip.com.
> The boss wants all clients to resolve names with the dns server(
> and also assign ip addresses to clients. and host a website on the server.
> Not dealing with anyone else but our internal people.  Everything is working
> like a dream, except that when the dhcp server assigns an ip address and you
> try and connect to the ftp server of it takes too long to
> connect.  the reason for this and found out that when it trys a reverse map
> it says lame server.  My question is how do I set up the server that when it
> assigns an ip it also registers that client a dns name(a zone) so when it
> does local lookups and internet lookups it does not fail.  I have been at
> this for weeks with no luck.  If someone has a answer or a solution please
> pass on something.  And please do not waste space with an answer:  look in
> the man pages or bind book.  remember I am moving from Microsoft to linux.
> and is a whole new world.  I have an understanding, but what I have I think
> is a simple solution and will save me more time if someone can help out.  I
> am I on the right track on the right procedure on the above setup.  And bear
> in mind that the boss, does not want to dish out anymore money than what we
> have.  I explained this micky mouse setup but I heard it can be done, so I
> gave the option of this cheap solution.
> Aloha

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