DNS Server

Simon Waters Simon at wretched.demon.co.uk
Tue Oct 23 03:47:03 UTC 2001

Billy wrote:
> try and connect to the ftp server of it takes too long to
> connect.  the reason for this and found out that when it trys a reverse map
> it says lame server.  My question is how do I set up the server that when it
> assigns an ip it also registers that client a dns name(a zone) so when it
> does local lookups and internet lookups it does not fail.

Three approaches.

1) Disable the reverse lookup performed by the FTP server. Note
you also might have the ftp server doing a AUTH lookup (Auth is
disabled by adding the "-I" option to ftpd, usually in
/etc/inetd.conf (or somewhere in /etc/xinetd.d - I always use
inetd). I'm not sure with Redhat 7.1 where the reverse is coming
from, maybe the auth, maybe because of the builtin use of

2) Create a reverse wall. Here you define a zone
1.168.192.in-addr.arpa, just like any other, but define spoof
PTR records for dynamic DHCP addresses.

4 PTR	client4.icshi.dynip.com.

The advantage of this approach is it bypasses the issue of names
- remember a PC's NetBIOS name is not necessarily a valid DNS

Alternatively you could allocate the IP addresses statically
through DHCP, and give them proper names.

3) Setting up dynamic DNS is what your planning, and is pretty
ambitious (and probably time consuming for such a small
networks). You need to set up the zone in (2) but leave the
dynamic IP addresses out.

Then grab the latest copy of DHCPD from www.isc.org and compile
and install. This has changed the procedure from the last time I
tried it, but I'm assured the latest version of the DHCPD manual
pages has the relevant answers. Most of the examples show how to
create DHCP names with IP addresses in (Which is fine for ISPs),
you'll probably need to modify the config file to get the names
you want.

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