Resolving without TLD

Cricket Liu cricket at
Tue Oct 23 14:03:19 UTC 2001

> With all respect to this august body, I must demur.
> When I entered "northpoint," let me emphasize again
> that the actual *url* to which my request resolved was:
>       http://northpoint/
> exactly as typed, including the slash. No "expansion"
> took place. At the time, I went to,
> just to be sure I wasn't nuts. It was live
> (with a message of regret.) I'm sure this was
> some sort of DNS voodoo, and I'm sure there's a
> witch doctor on this NG who knows the answer...

Nope, it didn't have anything to do with DNS.  As Simon,
Peter and Eivind have all explained, some browsers
automatically prepend "www" and append "com" to single
labels in the domain name part of a URL.


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