Quick nameserver/domain transfer question

Brian Salomaki brian at gambitdesign.com
Tue Oct 23 19:52:12 UTC 2001

On Tuesday 23 October 2001 02:09 pm, Josh wrote:
> Hi,
> I currently have my Linux box set-up as a DNS caching server, using Bind 9,
> but am going to get a .com domain and was wanting to use this machine to
> host the domain.
> Can someone tell me, if i want to use this server do i need to register
> this servers IP address as a nameserver with an organization so when i
> choose to transfer the domain from the isp's servers to mine it all goes
> smoothly or is this not necessary ??


Go there, and add your server as a host.

> Also is there anyway of checking the configuration of my DNS server, to see
> if when i choose to transfer the domain from my ISP that it will work??

Once you have your server up and running, with the zone file loaded (but 
before you make the switch with your registrar), you can test that server by 
doing a 'dig @yourip' for whatever domains/hosts/etc you want.  See 'man dig' 
for more information on syntax and what you can test.

> Thanks,

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