ixfr question (not getting db.blah.ixfr logs

Cricket Liu cricket at menandmice.com
Thu Oct 25 16:22:14 UTC 2001

> I'm not getting ixfr logs when I do a zone xfer.  I have a zone BDE1
> that sends it's db.BDE1 zone info to BDE2.  Now in the BDE2 zone, I
> would expect to see db.BDE1.xfer as well as db.BDE1.  I'm not getting
> the db.BDE1.xfer in the first brigade server or the second brigade
> server.  Now maybe I'm pulling a boner with my testing... but here is
> what I'm doing... I'm editing the master zone file (i.e. on the BDE1
> server, the db.BDE1 file) by just adding some bogus A record.  When I
> HUP named, I get the update propagated to the BDE2 server, but no .xfer
> files... so I guess it's an axfr and not an ixfr.

An incremental zone transfer won't transfer the .ixfr file.  The .ixfr
file is just a log of the changes made to the zone and which serial
number changes they correspond to.  A slave requesting an incremental
zone transfer will receive those changes and will apply them to its
copy of the zone, but won't necessarily create a .ixfr file.

Also, as "DNS and BIND" says, if you use IXFR, you can't manually edit
zone data files.  So your testing won't work anyway.


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