Which DNS Server?

James A Griffin agriffin at cpcug.org
Fri Oct 26 11:50:56 UTC 2001

phrogg wrote:
> Hello,
> I have a question.  A domain of mine, slybird.net, has 3 nameservers set up.
> I don't have remote access to the first two.  If there a way I can find out
> which nameserver is answering queries?  For example, if I run "ping
> mail.slybird.net", which nameserver is sending the reply?
There are some indication of problems that the 'doc' tool provides.  In
the messages below, note the issues with different serial numbers.  This
suggests that zone transfers may be failing.  Check the logs on the
master (and on the slaves).  Solving this may also help clear up the
differences in the lists of name servers returned from different



Doc-2.2.2: Test date - Fri Oct 26 06:52:54 EDT 2001
Note: Skipping parent domain testing
Found 3 NS and 3 glue records for slybird.net. @a.gtld-servers.net.
Using NSlist from parent domain server a.gtld-servers.net.
NS list summary for slybird.net. from parent (net.) servers
  == ns1.davidchristian.net. ns.us.jmsweb.com. terrance.jmsweb.com.
soa @ns1.davidchristian.net. for slybird.net. serial: 2001082501
soa @ns.us.jmsweb.com. for slybird.net. serial: 2001100801
soa @terrance.jmsweb.com. for slybird.net. serial: 2001100801
WARN: Found 2 unique SOA serial #'s for slybird.net.
ERROR: Found 2 unique sets of NS records
   === from authoritative domain (slybird.net.) servers
ERROR: NS list from slybird.net. authoritative servers does not
  === match NS list from parent (net.) servers
NS list summary for slybird.net. from authoritative servers
  == ns1.a2600w.com. ns1.davidchristian.net. ns.au.jmsweb.com.
  == ns.uk.jmsweb.com. ns.us.jmsweb.com. terrance.jmsweb.com.
Checking 0 potential addresses for hosts at slybird.net.
   ERRORS found for slybird.net. (count: 2)
   WARNINGS issued for slybird.net. (count: 1)
Done testing slybird.net.  Fri Oct 26 06:53:06 EDT 2001

> Thanks,
> Michael

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