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Mon Oct 29 16:27:10 UTC 2001

Barry Margolin wrote:
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> >Where I can find a FAQ or some resource and examples for bind
> >configuration for a mantainer DNS ?
> The book "DNS & BIND" by Albitz & Liu is an essential resource for a DNS
> administrator.

I like the Langfeldt "Concise Guide to DNS and BIND" as well, as
I've said before. It has a chapter touching on free tools (doc,
nslint, dnswalk, h2n, etc), although it doesn't go into any
depth on them, and provides a hardcopy listing of common BIND
error messages and explanations. Although Cricket's treatment is
more thorough, it is a bit heavy going at times. I've got both
so I don't have to weigh up their respective merits *8-)

I would say that QUE have done a good job on the mechanics of
this book, and that the use of typeface, and general layout is
better than the O'Reilly book. Examples would be the line
numbering of example zone files, and dig output, so it can be
referred to precisely in the text, use of BOLD text to separate
Index entries from subentries, chapter/section headings on each
page are on the outside edge of each page (Top left of left
page, top right of right page, makes it far easier to flick to
the right page, or section). The QUE book has larger, bolder,
titles (good) and less text on each page (hmm), and no famous
quotations at the start of each chapter (Oh well Lewis Carroll
is well represented in the Gutenberg Project). 

Okay I drifted a long way offtopic, but we wouldn't want
O'Reilly getting complacent over how they present the wisdom of
their authors.

Of course remains ever useful.

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