bind 9.2r8 and sendmail 8.11.0

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Oct 31 01:13:50 UTC 2001

Try resolving the name in question using dig, against the same nameserver the
sendmail box is using. Does it resolve? If not, then this is a garden-variety
DNS-resolution problem. It would help if you provided a concrete example of a
name that isn't resolving.

- Kevin

Bri- wrote:

> Hi,
> When upgrading from bind 4.9.7 to 9.2r8 (pretty steep upgrade), one of the
> the rules (5.1.8) kicks in and no longer permits me to email with an error;
> 501 Domain of sender address does not exsist
> I'd rather not comment this rule out as bogus mail and spam are a pain.
> Also, I will upgarde sendmail but it would be a good idea for me to know
> what this error is a result of.
> Any help?
> Bri-

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