Another newbie question. Thank you.

Joe Kattner joe.kattner at
Wed Oct 31 16:52:51 UTC 2001

If is the internal server this is on, why do you list it as a
forwarder? Since this internal server can not resolve the queries outside
what it is authoritative for, you do not want to ask it to send those
queries back to itself. Is set to allow recursive queries from
this server? Even if you set your server up right, they must allow queries
and recursion.

If you're using a private internal root zone, then the type in named.conf is
master, not hint.

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I have setup a simple bind acting as a forwarder and a slave for some 
zones, within a firewalled intranet.

The topmost DNS in my organization is a machine and the 
nearest "official" DNS is a

I have the following statement in my named.conf:

  forwarders {

and also

zone "." {
         type hint;
         file "/etc/bind/db.root";

This file contains only the following entry:

.                        3600000  IN  NS       3600000      A

My syslog contains entries such as:

Oct 31 10:11:09 lori-renato named[165]: sysquery: no addrs found for 
root NS ()

What am I doing wrong ????

Thank you again. Bob Alexander

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