Problem with @home (I know it is not related to DNS - Sorry)

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Wed Oct 31 21:27:01 UTC 2001

I had a problem with @home also. They forced everyone to go to
DHCP IP addresses. I had a static IP address. Then they also put
everyone's password to 123456. I called the service department and
asked about why I couldn't ping the gateway? They told me that they
were forcing everyone to go to DHCP. I asked how they were notifying
users? They told me that they sent e-mails. I said "DUH?" How can I 
get my e-mail since you reset my password and forced me into DHCP access?
The response was, "You were supposed to call". I was quite frustrated as
you could probably imagine. I got credit for 6 days use, which equates to
about a $10 refund for my trouble.

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>	You sometimes wonder how some ISP's stay in business.  Stuff
>	ups like this drive customers away.

There's still not that much competition in the broadband world, and in many
cases the alternatives are even worse.  I've heard many people who
complained about AT&T Broadband say that they tried Verizon DSL and they
weren't any better.

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