Multihomed BIND will not respond to 2nd address

Michael Kjorling michael at
Wed Oct 31 21:34:28 UTC 2001

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Don't forget that on UNIX systems, you have to be root to bind to
ports < 1024. Very few people should even be considering running BIND
as root, especially given BIND 9's very simple chroot setup (-t <path>
and that's about it).

Michael Kjörling

On Oct 31 2001 21:19 -0000, Barry Margolin wrote:

> >I have used the "listen-on" configuration directive in named.conf to tell
> >BIND to listen on both addresses.
> >
> >My problem is:  I cannot get BIND to respond to any requests from any other
> >machine on the IP address in the new address space, but it responds
> >beautifully on the old IP.
> Do you start BIND before or after you configure the second IP?  If you
> start it before enabling the second NIC, it won't be able to bind to that
> IP.  Every hour (by default) BIND scans the configured interface list and
> updates its bindings to match what exists.

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