Kevin Darcy kcd at
Wed Oct 31 21:46:29 UTC 2001

Simon Waters wrote:

> dfernan1 at wrote:
> >
> > When I request some name resolutions I'm getting the Warning Message:
> > "MAXADDRS exceeded: skipping address". I guess that there is too many
> > addresses defined for the name and that must be any way to increse the
> > limit but, could please anybody confirm it to me and give me any tip about
> > how to avoid it if it's possible?.
> Use "dig" instead of "nslookup". nslookup has an arbitary limit,
> Kevin says it is in res.h but it is time to move on.

Just for the record, Kevin *also* says (often!): "Nslookup sucks; use dig

- Kevin

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