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Sun Dec 1 11:13:38 UTC 2002

On Sat, 30 Nov 2002, Stand H wrote:

> Hi,
> I am not sure the latest bind bug affect all Linux
> distribution or not. Im runing Red Hat system and my
> dns was installed from rpm version from redhat. I
> could not find the latest bind bug on redhat. Does it
> mean bind bug affect all linux distribution? If I
> install bind with rpm package, can I installed the
> patches available on ISC site to to fix my bind which
> was installed from rpm package? Are the patches only
> for bind that was installed from tarball?
> Thanks,

Does this help:

Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 19:56:28 +0000 (GMT)
From: redhat-announce-list-admin at
Reply-To: redhat-announce-list at
To: redhat-announce-list at
Subject: [ALERT] Remote vulnerabilities in BIND 4 and 8

                   Red Hat, Inc. Red Hat Security Alert

Synopsis:          Remote vulnerabilities in BIND 4 and 8
Issue date:        2002-11-12
CVE Names:         CAN-2002-1219 CAN-2002-1220 CAN-2002-1221

1. Problem description:

BIND (Berkeley Internet Name Domain) is an implementation of the DNS
(Domain Name System) protocols.  Three remotely exploitable
vulnerabilities were disclosed by ISC on 12 November 2002 that affect
various versions of BIND 4 and 8.

Versions of Red Hat Linux since 7.1, and Red Hat Linux Advanced Server
shipped with BIND 9 are are therefore not vulnerable to these issues.

Older releases (6.2, 7.0) of Red Hat Linux shipped with versions of BIND
which are vulnerable to these issues, however a Red Hat security errata in
July 2002 upgraded all our supported distributions to BIND 9.2.1 which is
not vulnerable to these issues.

2. Solution:

All users who have BIND installed should ensure that they are already
running version 9 of BIND and preferably upgrade to the lastest errata
packages listed below.  To check if BIND is installed and find the version
number use the command "rpm -qi bind".

For Red Hat Linux see:

For Red Hat Linux Advanced Server see:

3. References:

4. Contact:

The Red Hat security contact is <security at>.  More contact
details at

Also FWIW RedHat runs mailing lists that will send you the announcments for
all of their security/errata fixes. It is very low traffic and IMHO worth
subscribing if you are running their supported systems.

Hope this helps.

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