some simple questions: dns denic nameserver

Tom klout at
Sun Dec 1 19:45:07 UTC 2002

Hello Dorian,

Sunday, December 1, 2002, 12:42:09 PM, you wrote:

DS> Hi everyone,

hi dorian,

DS> First of all, I'm new to this topic and I hope someone can explain some of
DS> these things:

DS> 1. Where do I find an FAQ to this newsgroup?

don't know either, can anyone jump in please?
but a good starting point is from where you can get the
newest bind releases and you find also the archive of this group

DS> 2. How works the connection between a register service (like denic) and my
DS> nameserver (bind)?

shortly put denic or any other registry announces your DNS as SOA
(start of authority).

DS> 3. Do I only register a name like and the IP of the name-server
DS> at denic?

correct is: you register only "" and the names and/or
IP-Adresses of your DNS. the records like www, ftp whatever are
entered in the zonefile of your DNS.

DS> 4. Do I have to connect to other name-server to exchange my registered
DS> names, how do I get the IP's of these other name-server?

with Bind it's done via the hints.db file which contains the addresses
of the root-servers.

DS> 5. If I define my URL and IP in bind, how prevent denic that nameserver
DS> routing already registered names/url to a different IP?

you don't have to. If you register any Domain they announce just your
DNS as being responsible for the registered names.

DS> 6. Why are always 2 name server registered?

security. if one fails, there's still another one which knows your

DS> 7. Where do I find good pages about configurating bind?

I *strongly* suggest you get yourself a copy of "DNS and BIND" from
O'Reilly Press. It will answer and explain a lot of DNS and BIND
related things. After that read the Bind admin manual. It's included
in the Bind distribution.

DS> I got the chance to put a server in the internet centre of my company. The
DS> only thing a got is an IP - the goal is to do everything by myself,
DS> operating system will be Linux - I think the suse distribution.

you'll need two DNS. But there are registrars which can and are
willing to be the slave to your primary. And keep in mind when you register a .de Domain
they HAVE to be on different subnets. Otherwise Denic won't accept
your registration.

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