MX Question / DNS update

Eivind Olsen eivind at
Mon Dec 2 06:13:50 UTC 2002

--On 30. november 2002 16:19 -0800 strat_addict <strat_addict at> 
> MX record a over a week ago. I simply added the line:
> IN MX 10
> to point to my postfix mailserver.
> Is this correct?
> nslookup -type=MX says it cant find for mail.
> Should the DNS be deleted and re-created with the MX record at the
> same time?

There _is_ an MX record for, but the MX record doesn't point to (it points to instead):

eivind at trisha:~ > host -t mx mail is handled (pri=10) by
eivind at trisha:~ >

Regards / Hilsen
Eivind Olsen
<eivind at>

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