critisise me ;-)

Tom klout at
Mon Dec 2 17:57:14 UTC 2002

Hello Mark,

Sunday, December 1, 2002, 10:42:35 PM, you wrote:

Mio>         Well you could show the whole configuration.  In particular
Mio>         "/chroot/named/etc/namedb/dns-zones".

sorry I'm not allowed to. My boss simply said no.
 in short we're hidden primary for some customers, some customers are
hidden primary to us, some are primary or secondary only, but mostly
we are both for the majority. that's working ok. btw I'm not shure if anyone
still wants me to be on that list if I post a file with over 4000 zones ;-)

Mio> The reason I say this is that
Mio>         you have specified some options at the global level that need
Mio>         to be changed at the zone level if you are especially if you
Mio>         are listed as a nameserver for the zones.
 yes you are right, but that's already done correctly with the notify
 and notify also commands..

 Were I still have some problems is the logging. what commands are
 advisible here? I know it depends on what I want to see, but are
 there some rules of thumb what should be logged? I should also add
 that this is just a testing machine, not production.

 thx, tom

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