what is wrong with my DNS server

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Mon Dec 2 18:40:04 UTC 2002

Madhu Nair <eloormadhu at hotmail.com> wrote:

> I have a master DNS server (www.solveris.com) and a secondary DNS
> server (www.solveris.net) running on redhat 7.1 system with bind 9.2.1
> and I have a zone configured for a domain name northshorecc.org

> I have registered these name servers as the DNS servers for this
> domain.

> If I do a nslookup www.northshorecc.org, 50% of the DNS servers in the
> internet is resolving it correctly, while remaining is giving me
> server fail/ connection timeout error.
> Also same DNS server which resolves this domain name one day fails
> next day.

> I have hosted these 2 nameservers on a DSL network (128/768)

> Two days back I changed my primary DNS server from my network to a T1
> network and things started working fine.
> Does some one has any idea about the behaviour.

> Thanks in advance

You have only one server mentioned ( ns2.esika.com ( in
the zonefile + some other things to adjust.

Try "http://zonecheck,manet.nu" to find out the problems.

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