Allow-transfer using BIND9

Kevin Darcy kcd at
Mon Dec 2 23:33:06 UTC 2002

Jon Fullmer wrote:

>I have three name servers (one master, two slaves) that are running BIND
>9.2.1 (on SuSE Linux 8.0).  They are operating just as they should, but
>recently I added four new zones.  For some odd reason, the master is
>resolving them, but refusing to allow the slaves to transfer from it.
>Here's a sample of the entry I have for these zones:
>zone "" IN {
>        type master;
>        file "/dns/master/miscellaneous/whatever/";
>        allow-transfer { x.x.x.x; y.y.y.y; };
>The oddity is that this is EXACTLY the same format that the original zones
>are in.  There are no unusual entries in the master's log files (except that
>it does record that it denied zone transfers from x.x.x.x and y.y.y.y for
>the zone).  The slave server logs simply show that they attempted to
>transfer the new zones, but were denied.
>Any thoughts?  Is this a bug?
> - Jon Fullmer
If you just changed named.conf recently, you remembered to 
reload/restart the nameserver, right?

                            - Kevin


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