Authoritative record

Dave Comcast dgattis at
Tue Dec 3 23:37:44 UTC 2002

Take a look at this zone file and see what I'm missing.

$TTL 3600
 2002120303 ; zone serial number in ccyymmddxx format
 21600 ; slave polls master for SOA/serial number
 1800  ; slave re-polls unreachable master
 864000  ; slave expires zone after master unreachable 
 86400)  ; TTL for negative answers
; Name servers 
@   NS 
@  NS 
; Host names and addresses 
@   A 
localhost A
ftp  A 
mail  A 
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> Dave Comcast wrote:
> > What determines that a dns is authoritative to a domain?  Any examples?
> A nameserver is authoritative for a zone if it a) is an origin of zone
> data and b) replicates all zone data which it does _not_ originate from
> one or more other authoritative servers and c) suffers no operational
> problems (e.g. failed validation or zone data, failed replication) would
> prevent the nameserver from claiming authority for the zone.
> Note that the above is a very generic definition which even tries to
> accommodate so-called "multi-master DNS", which is not supported by BIND.
> In BIND-specific terms, a nameserver is authoritative for a zone if it is
> defined as "type master" and has successfully loaded all of the zone data
> (typically from a zone file), or if it is defined as "type slave" and a
> successful zone transfer has occurred more recently than the
> EXPIRE interval for the zone (EXPIRE is specified in one of the fields of
> the zone's SOA record).
> - Kevin

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