Newbie question again...

Dave Comcast dgattis at
Wed Dec 4 05:54:25 UTC 2002

Thanks for the advice.  I'm going to give it a shot anyway.  I will also
seek other places for hosting my dns.  Currently, I pay a premium for static
IP's, no fear of them changing.  The only outages I have experienced in a
year was a city-wide power failure, lasted about half a day.  I have a
couple of friends with T1's who said they'd help with the delima.  This
group has served me well.  I'm not completely in the dark anymore.

"Jeff Lasman" <jblists at> wrote in message
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> Dave Comcast wrote:
> > Unfortunantly, there is no other option in this area.  I have 5 static
> > and the bandwidth to do this.
> We (and others) have found that DSL and cable connectivity just isn't
> reliable.  When it goes down (and it does; in fact it seems to have for
> a while earlier today) it can take a long time to get fixed.  I've got
> DSL connection from my home office to the net; it's been down several
> hours at a time, several times during the past year.  It was once down
> for 25 hours straight, and then up and down for days.  Another time it
> took them 18 hours to get it back up and when they got it up they gave
> me new IP#s.  Think of how long it would take to get your nameservers
> renumbered and you'd know why DSL isn't reliable enough for use for
> nameservers.  While I don't have personal experience with cable, some of
> my friends and acquaintances do; If pressed, I'd say it's just as
> unreliable as DSL.
> If you must host your sites on your Comcast connection, at least
> consider having your DNS hosted professionally by a DNS service
> provider.  Lots of companies (including us, and probably including
> Comcast) offer it, and even the completely free DNS hosting services
> would be better than hosting it yourself at the end of an unreliable
> connection.
> > When everything is running properly, I will
> > switch to these name servers also.
> My fear is that it'll never really run what the rest of us would
> consider "properly" because your connection will never be reliable
> enough.
>   Is that why the DNS
> > isn't considered authoritative?  Here is my named.conf and zone file.
> > one is the master.
> As "deepdown" pointed out, your nameserver doesn't say it's
> authoritative.  I'd strongly suggest having someone else maintain your
> DNS, or start reading.  "DNS and Bind" is a good place to start.
> Cricket Liu (also on this list) is a co-author.  Another good book, if
> you're using Linux, is "Linux DNS Server Administration" by Craig Hunt,
> published by Sybex.
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