CNAME and other data , BUG #428

Chimento, Douglas Douglas.Chimento at FMR.COM
Wed Dec 4 19:00:02 UTC 2002

	Could someone clarify the CNAMEANDOTHER hard error.
	From what I read in the CHANGE file log and on mailing lists,
starting with verision 8.2 , CNAME and other data is a "hard error". 
	The purpose of this error was to alert the DNS administrator that
	zone has fatal errors. 
	Which is fine and all but why start at version 8.2? 
	Why not at version 8.1 ?
	Also, is there a way of disabling this "hard" error ?

On a more personally note,
This CNAME error is a real pain and I am shocked that ISC would something so
Besides,  if my master server version 8.1.2 and my slaves are version 8.3.4
.....the SLAVE STILL load the ZONE with the CNAME error.
So I don't see the point of a HARD error if slave load the zone ( possible
bug?) .
Why should admins be forced to deal with this error?



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