logging help

John magiciq at noordbrabant.net
Wed Dec 4 19:24:53 UTC 2002


I know under option "logging", you can log the different things using
several channels.
Normally syslog.log log almost everything, but I want to generate a
several log files
One only with named daemon start and stop messages.
One only zonetransfer, update messages.
One only error, invalid and fail

How to do that??

Look like so, but I don't know the content...:-(

logging {

 channel named_daemon {
 file "/var/log/named_daemon.log";

 channel named_update {
 file "/var/log/named_update.log";

 channel named_error {
 file "/var/log/named_error.log";


I hope somebody can tell me how to proceed that.



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