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Thu Dec 5 08:10:11 UTC 2002

Chimento, Douglas <Douglas.Chimento at> wrote:

> All, 
> 	Could someone clarify the CNAMEANDOTHER hard error.
> 	From what I read in the CHANGE file log and on mailing lists,
> starting with verision 8.2 , CNAME and other data is a "hard error". 
> 	The purpose of this error was to alert the DNS administrator that
> the 
> 	zone has fatal errors. 
> 	Which is fine and all but why start at version 8.2? 
> 	Why not at version 8.1 ?
> 	Also, is there a way of disabling this "hard" error ?

> On a more personally note,
> This CNAME error is a real pain and I am shocked that ISC would something so
> drastic. 
> Besides,  if my master server version 8.1.2 and my slaves are version 8.3.4
> .....the SLAVE STILL load the ZONE with the CNAME error.
> So I don't see the point of a HARD error if slave load the zone ( possible
> bug?) .
> Why should admins be forced to deal with this error?

Cause it's a serious error, and violates the way it works. You cannot 
have any other records if there is a CNAME. That's it, you will have 
to live with it.

> Thanks


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