The @ Notation - Clarity

Len Conrad LConrad at
Thu Dec 5 09:50:52 UTC 2002

>It mentions shortcuts and one of them in the "@" notation.
>As I have read the @ is replaced in the zone file by the

... "current" ...

>origin, which comes
>from the zone statement in named.conf?

... which provide the "default" origin to the "top" of the zone file

>  The main question is do I need to
>have a trailing period (.) in the zone statement so that @ is complete when
>it is replaced in the zone file.


>So should named.conf be like so?
>zone ""{
>type master;
>file "";
>With the trailing period (.) or can I leave it off


>as BIND would know this is complete.

You are confusing zone file syntax with the completely different named.conf 


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