The "@" Notation?

Si swalker at
Thu Dec 5 09:34:54 UTC 2002

Hi All,

Another person who is new to DNS.

I am looking at BIND 8/9

I have just read the 4th Chapter in the 4th Ed of DNS and BIND from

It mentions shortcuts and one of them in the "@" notation.

As I have read the @ is replaced in the zone file by the origin, which comes
from the zone statement in named.conf? The main question is do I need to
have a trailing period (.) in the zone statement so that @ is complete when
it is replaced in the zone file.

So should named.conf be like so?

zone ""{
type master;
file "";

With the trailing period (.) or can I leave it off as BIND would know this
is complete.

I think this quite important as if I get it wrong all my hosts listed in the
zone file without the domain attached (like so) would then fail?

localhost   IN A

host-a      IN A

host-b      IN A

host-c      IN A

I hope I have explained this ok..



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