about logging in bind92

Kevin Darcy kcd at daimlerchrysler.com
Thu Dec 5 20:42:21 UTC 2002

angel wrote:

> Mark_Andrews at isc.org wrote in message news:<asjthn$3flj$1 at isrv4.isc.org>...
> > > when i done this,i restart my server,like this:
> > >    /opt/bind922/sbin/named -t /opt/bind -u bind
> > > To my surprise,it didn't work.Nothing can i find in the directory.
> > > why didn't it work ? please help me !thanks a lot
> > >
> >
> >       The record_mess.log will only be created if there is a
> >       security event.
> i touched the named.log manually before I post the first messages,but
> it did not work.
> so I tried on the other machine,that one had the same congiuration.the
> result is same.
> at last I recompiled the bind92rc1 on the second one.it can work.i
> comfused about this thing.the original server softs were copied from
> the other one which had the same conf.it could server the dns
> query,but could not realize the logging,why?
> by the way,how can I get the messages about query clients for its IP
> ,query records,cache information,etc.

I think you need to familiarize yourself with how BIND's logging subsystem
works. You need to set up channels and then associate those with the
categories in which you're interested. There is a "queries" category that
should give you much of what you're asking for.

- Kevin

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